Pal-Tech offers telecommunications services spanning from copper twisted-pair maintenance and fault rectification, all the way to high-speed fibre optic network construction and switching solutions.

We are lucky enough to boast a reliable, fully tooled and dedicated team of trained telecommunications technicians with expertise in a diverse range of telecommunications niches.

Splicing ribbon fibre, terminating copper, and even designing custom high speed data networks. It's all part of our goal to provide high quality services for the right price.

Facility Maintenance 

We have extensive experience and capability in servicing maintenance contracts with stringent KPI requirements across multiple locations (Cairns and Townsville), and have developed and refined processes to facilitate this work. This is demonstrated by the longevity of operation and reliably high performance across our existing maintenance contracts. Our business systems are well suited to priority and scheduled servicing work requiring 24/7 availability and prompt response times.

Software Development

We perform commercial software development in consultation with our partners to refine and improve existing systems. We offer a targeted, outcome-focused approach to filling the gaps within existing business processes using simple yet effective software design. As part of our internal system development we have been creating and using our own software solutions for over 15 years!

Our in-house developers are tech savvy and personable, and can consult with you to determine the most cost effective and flexible technologies suited to purpose. We are fluent in web development across a vast range of frameworks and languages, and specialise in SaaS platforms. Speak with one of our friendly team today to see how we can assist your business!


Pal-Tech is well positioned and resourced to project manage electrical installations, modifications, and additions and will ensure a quality service every time.

CCTV Security 

We are licensed security installers and our team includes D-Link certified professionals who can perform both analog and IP security camera maintenance and installation work in both domestic and commercial settings. 

Have an old system that needs updating? Our team can retrofit and perform complete upgrades to existing camera systems. Using modern, smart network- based CCTV security systems, Pal-Tech can provide your home or business with 24/7 surveillance, that can be monitored live to any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Pal-Tech want to ensure all requirements are met and expectations exceeded, which is why we work with you right from the start with pre-installation planning, by creating staged installations, and all the way through to post-installation, with ongoing inspections and maintenance services.

Smoke Alarms

We can supply and install new smoke alarms, and replace your old alarms, both in a domestic and commercial capacity. Our services also offer regular testing and ongoing maintenance of smoke alarms systems, as required by legislation.

All work performed is done so in accordance with the current smoke alarm Legislation, which specifies the type of alarm used, the positioning and the connectivity of all alarms.

Ensure your properties are compliant and ultimately safe from the dangers of fire.


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about us

Pal-Tech Holding Pty Ltd is a regionally-based, innovative and diverse telecommunications contracting company specialising in commercial projects in Far North Queensland, with capability, experience, and knowledge to deliver end-to-end solutions.

Market segments include, but are not limited to; telecommunications cabling, electronic maintenance and repairs, information and communications technology and electrical project management and delivery.

Pal-Tech's culture of continuous improvement is a symbolic relationship; the nurturing and development of employees supports the growth and productivity of the business, resulting in successful outcomes for Pal-Tech Services, our employees, and clients.  

OUR History

The company began operations in Townsville in 1993 to manage specific electrical and telecommunications service delivery projects and has rapidly expanded throughout North Queensland to facilitate the expansion of our key client's businesses. Our Strategy of providing concept to completion services has enabled us to build relationships with our client's that have ensured our business growth and skills expansion, we pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations.

Geographic Coverage

With offices in Cairns and Townsville, and an administrative presence in Brisbane, we are able to provide an enviable coverage of the North Queensland Region, servicing areas from Rockhampton to the tip of Cape York. Our contracts draw us as far east as Palm Island and west to the Gulf of Carpentaria. 


Pal-Tech has established a professional affiliation with enVizion Group, and 2D Strategics. 

EnviZion Group is a local North Queensland training provider, specialising in the delivery of pre-employment selection, life skills training, and mentor training and engagement. In addition to this, EnviZion Group are a delivery partner of RTO certified relevant course, as well as customised in-house or on-site training programs for Indigenous Australians and disadvantaged people.

2D Strategics is a local Townsville business and workforce development provider who provide inhouse leadership and personalised, 360 degree solutions across education, training, government, sales, marketing, project management, business development, and industry sectors.

Through collaboration with enVizion and 2D Strategics, Pal-Tech will be on track to realising its goal to become a leader in local project management and delivery of telecommunications infrastructure to the North Queensland region.

The benefits that these affiliations have to local communities include:

  • Keeping $$$ local
  • Boost local economy by reinvesting locally
  • Supporting local community development
  • Creating and supporting local jobs
  • Local Skills development
  • Local capability growth
  • Local cultural diversity and understanding, mentoring

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Head Office: The Markets, 19A 19-21 Keane Street Currajong, QLD 4812

Phone: 07 4728 1144    Fax: 07 4728 1177

Email: enquiries@ptsg.com.au

Postal Address: P.O. Box 8127, Garbutt 4814

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It is our commitment to conduct business honestly, ethically, and in accordance with best practices and abide by applicable laws in Queensland
and other states in which we operate.

We, the Staff and Management at Pal-Tech, believe & instill the following philosophy:

We Serve - consistently providing a compliant, quality service with a customer focus to an agreed outcome.

We Care - for the safety, security, development, and well-being of our employees

We Empower - our employees to succeed in a culture based on trust, respect, loyalty, & commitment

We Perform - with a relentless commitment to exceeding expectations

We Do the Right Thing - building relationships with those we serve that create opportunities and successful outcomes based on trust and mutual respect