Pal-Tech has established a professional affiliation with enVizion Group, and 2D Strategics. 

EnviZion Group is a local North Queensland training provider, specialising in the delivery of pre-employment selection, life skills training, and mentor training and engagement. In addition to this, EnviZion Group are a delivery partner of RTO certified relevant course, as well as customised in-house or on-site training programs for Indigenous Australians and disadvantaged people.

2D Strategics is a local Townsville business and workforce development provider who provide inhouse leadership and personalised, 360 degree solutions across education, training, government, sales, marketing, project management, business development, and industry sectors.

Through collaboration with enVizion and 2D Strategics, Pal-Tech will be on track to realising its goal to become a leader in local project management and delivery of telecommunications infrastructure to the North Queensland region.

The benefits that these affiliations have to local communities include:

  • Keeping $$$ local
  • Boost local economy by reinvesting locally
  • Supporting local community development
  • Creating and supporting local jobs
  • Local Skills development
  • Local capability growth
  • Local cultural diversity and understanding, mentoring

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